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Have you ever been stuck in a hotel that doesnt have wifi, or has really weak wifi? You cant get wifi on your phone, your ipad no ethernet socket or too weak on your laptop. Many hotela only provide you with an ethernet cable, which is useless for your phone or tablet. And if youre on a laptop, youre stuck at the desk with a short ethernet cable. Now you can have super-strong, ultra-private wifi in any hotel that has ethernet. And if youre checked in to a hotel that doesnt have wifi at all, you can easily connect and use wifi anywhere in your room with this tiny, powerful mini-router! Just plug the hotel ethernet cable into the mini-router, and you instantly get strong, powerful wifi for all your devices. And, as an extra bonus, you can have complete privacy because you can put in your own password. Now snoops and viruses cant use the unsafe hotel passwords to log into your wifi! This is a wonderful device. Anyone who travels needs one. And not just in hotels. Anywhere with an ethernet cable. Home, office, stores. This wifi minirouter is a lifesaver!


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